WTFNews: Candle That Smells like New Apple Macs, Immediately Sells Out


Nothing good lasts long in this world. That applies equally to the budding flowers of spring as to the fresh smell of a new Mac.

But not any more. Flowers will always die, but the new Mac smell will now last forever – or 55 hours, at least.

An Apple accessories company, Twelve South, has created a candle that captures the specific scent of a newly-opened Apple product.
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And demand has been so strong that the candle sold out in just two hours of going on sale.

Twelve South usually creates stylish accessories, only for Apple products. Those include cases and stands for everything from iPhones to iMacs.

But it has released a new line of accessories – the stand-out one of which is the new candle, named the “New Mac Soy Candle”.

It sold for $24 and offered free shipping inside the US. The candles are “hand poured” in Charleston, South Carolina, where Twelve South is based, and are made entirely out of soy wax.

The candle will burn for 45 to 55 hours, the company said – far longer than the scent of a new Mac usually lasts.

“If you think you’ve seen everything, here’s a new one,” Twelve South wrote in its announcement. “Ever open up a new Mac box and smell it? (or is that just us?)

“We took that scent – and literally bottled it. Meet the New Mac Soy Candle. No kidding. It’s kind of awesome.”

The scent has notes of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage, according to Twelve South.

The release might provide some solace to people looking to wait for an actual new Mac. The company has been expected to update its new products for months, leaving many of its computers going far longer than expected without refreshes.

The candles were sold alongside a much bigger range of other – more traditional – Apple and Twelve South themed merchandise. Those included cups, tee shirts themed around Apple products and a drink can that matches the other accessories that Twelve South sells.


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